For me at least, the older I get the more I yearn for a better relationship with my family. Truthfully, during my youth, I’d choose to spend time with my friends over my family. Now that I am much older and had a slight taste of life, I realize the value of family while balancing my friendships.

In one weekend in April, I got to hang out with the Snyder family. Keep in mind, their family consists of young adults along with gifted children, so coordinating a designated weekend time to gather everyone together was definitely a mission. There is no such thing as being busy. Because if it were important, you’d prioritize it. For the Snyder family, they not only saw it as a priority, but also a priceless gift- a moment to spend together that would be documented in photos.

So this amazing Caucasian, Japanese, and Cambodian mix of 7 made the time to hang out with me and create some freaking magic. Here are some images from our time together!

Also, I am hosting mini sessions on Sunday 4/28 at this location and have two more slots available. Feel free to send me an email at if you’re interested!