What to Expect

My Style

My photographing style is photojournalistic. My philosophy in navigating life and photography revolves around the idea of impermanence. Life is in a constant flux, as we individuals are always changing via the experiences, lessons and people we surround ourselves with. So you could say I am very sentimental and reflect deeply about every little thing. Yeah, I don't sleep well at night. It's okay though!!

I am there to document that moment in life for you and your favorite human. Both of you come with your unique story. It's literally so freaking crazy to me that something magical in the universe just clicked where you crossed paths and decided to continue your narrative together. So yeah, I want to be that person to capture what keeps your relationship thriving and the little in between quirks that make you two all stupid giggly.

My Promise

I will be your hype woman, whether it'd be at our engagement session or wedding. My energetic and enthusiastic energy is contagious and will make your face muscles sore from smiling so much. There will never be a dull or awkward moment, as I pride myself in creating authentic and genuine moments.

The Process


The courting phase, where we will see if we're a good fit. At the end of this stage, you'll sign a contract and send a deposit to secure our date together.


Because teamwork makes the dream work. After I get feedback on your vision, I will send you a handy dandy guide that covers location, time, and outfits to ensure we create images you two love.

Magical Content

This is the day we hang out with each other. While you two are in your element and being so freaking cute with each other, I will be capturing the magic.

Post Processing

This is the easiest part for you two -waiting for a hot second. During this process I will be culling and editing the images. I won't leave you hanging. I'll make sure to send you some sneak peeks!

Delivery & Beyond

Once the images are ready, I will deliver them via email and text you to check your internet mailbox! If we are going beyond an engagement session, I will follow up with you on your wedding planning to see if you need additional help with your timeline.

Wedding Game Day

This is the day we've been working up to. My team and I will arrive one hour before start time to ensure everything goes by smoothly. We will very occasionally check in with you two to make sure you're hydrated and well fed (and if there is anything in your teeth and what not).

Editin' & Gushing

You two will probably be post celebrating with family and friends and honeymoonin'! This is where I enter my cave to cull and edit. Usually I have a stupid smile on my face and laugh to myself because the day was that good. Sneak peeks will definitely be heading your way!

See You Later

If time and location permits, we will schedule a day to see each other in person. This is where I'll hand deliver your images and get your reaction of opening your little box! Usually I get sad because we've been through a whole journey together, but I always reassure myself that it's a see you later.